Bringing the beachside to your home

Coastal design isn’t reserved for beachside properties, because it looks great in all types of homes. Firstly, we should point out that Coastal is a lot different to Nautical. Its natural to think of anchors, ships and seashells when you hear the word ‘coastal’, but it’s not accurate for interior design.

What Coastal styling does have though, is a very relaxed vibe. It’s based on the feeling of bright, white sand overlooking crystal-clear blue waters. Coastal design uses soft colours, natural elements and a clean aesthetic to make you feel like you’re chilling out on the beach.

So, if you think your home can benefit from having a light and easy summer feel all year round, then Coastal style is definitely for you.

Maximise natural light with a coastal style

Coastal style doesn’t work in all homes, because one of the key ingredients isn’t just decor. It’s natural light, and plenty of it. So, if your home is very closed-in, with small windows and rooms that don’t get a lot of sun, Coastal isn’t going to be the best option.

When designing a Coastal theme, you want to make the most of the natural light using things like large windows, sliding doors, and also light colours that harness that sunlight. The idea is to feel like there’s no difference between inside and outside.

Crisp, white walls are often the choice here, rather than the blue, watery feature walls you might have in your mind. It’s better to go with blue, grey or green accents if you want the perfect Coastal look.

Natural elements for a clean, relaxed feel

Coastal furniture is all about casual comfort. That doesn’t mean the furniture you choose shouldn’t be nice. But it does mean you’re probably going to stay away from dark, luxurious leather couches. For a Coastal look, you’ll want to choose a variety of natural elements such as rattan or wicker, giving it that real beachside vibe.

Weathered woods are often common, and much of the furniture uses a whitewashed timber instead of darker stains. Sheer window coverings are popular, with simplistic yet sophisticated accessories. Basically, you’re taking inspiration from the beach without making it too cliched. Use of natural materials against a soft colour palette and beautiful sunlight will give you that perfect modern Coastal feel.

Perfect for open-plan living

As we’ve mentioned, Coastal style is all about natural light, which makes it the perfect option for open-plan homes. This means you can also go a touch more minimalistic with furniture items and accessories, because you really want to create that feeling of ample space.

Light, airy rooms don’t need any clutter, but you’ll need to choose your furniture carefully. Anything too eye-catching takes away from the relaxed, open feel. Choose comfortable, natural looking furniture and let people enjoy the space. This is another reason why it’s great for home staging. Potential buyers feel like the home is bigger, but they can also picture their own furniture throughout the home.