Everyone loves an effortless, coastal vibe

Stylists would be well aware of the popularity of Hamptons style interior decorating in Australia. Initially, it was like an American version of French styles like Baroque, Rococo and Empire. However, like most things, we’ve given it our own Australian touch.

Thanks to Australia’s love of summer, and a summer lifestyle, the Hamptons look and feel has surged in popularity. It’s all about creating an effortless, laid-back feeling inside the home. With plenty of light, whitewashed neutral colours, you can create the feeling of extra space and ultra relaxation.

Neutral tones are a big part of the Hamptons style, and this includes linens and furniture materials too. The fact is, there’s very few homes that look bad with a beautiful Hamptons interior.

That holiday-home feeling all year round

Thanks to the neutral colours and the pursuit of a relaxed vibe, Hamptons styling feels like a holiday home. While not exactly a Coastal or Nautical theme, it blends elements of both for a light and breezy coastal feel. Picture a home overlooking the beach, with open-plan livingand sunlight beaming in through the windows on crisp white walls. That’s pretty much the feeling you’re going for with Hamptons.

Most people probably dream of owning a luxurious, clean and airy holiday home by the sea. That’s why the style performs well throughout Australia. While it may not be suited for older homes that lack sunlight, it certainly suits most homes around Australia.

Perfect for home staging

Because the Hamptons interior design style is so welcoming and relaxing, it makes the perfect option for home staging. When people walk through the door of a property, they want to feel comfortable, relaxed and like they could call this place home. You’ll generally find the furniture looks luxurious, but quite soft. You won’t find a lot of shiny fabrics or finishes in a Hamptons style home.

Home staging is all about setting an atmosphere so that people can picture themselves living in the home. Hamptons does that in spades, creating a holiday home kind of vibe that makes every room feel like a private sanctuary.

The Hamptons colour scheme

Whites, neutral colours and softer shades of yellow or green are quite common in Hamptons styling. You’ll usually find the walls to be light and bright, which really opens up the room and gives it the appearance of more space. Furniture is also often light; however, you’ll find many parts of a room may have darker accents in black. However, you may also find areas like benches and tables are mostly black, with lighter accents and this pairs nicely with the light walls.

Greys and various shades of blue are also common, and fabrics and linen utilise pinstripes or layered textures. Natural materials work exceptionally well in Hamptons design, especially furniture or floors made of dark timber, or luxurious leather lounges. Perhaps the best way to describe the colours would be like a holiday home with a simple, modern touch.