A modern style with natural elements

Sustainability is a big thing in the modern world, with people looking to be more eco-friendly. While Organic design isn’t necessarily about clean, green living, it certainly appeals to those who want to feel closer to their outdoor surroundings. Rather than turning a home into an eco-paradise, Organic design is all about crisp, clean lines and modern style. However, you’ll definitely want to use a lot of natural elements to tie everything together in a theme.

In a modern Organic styled home, you’ll notice clever use of timber where possible. But it won’t be solid walls made of the same timber. Rather, you’ll see a mix of light and dark woods used in subtle ways. Exposed beams, beds, interesting shelving designs and furniture are all ways you use timber effectively. However, alongside the timber elements you’ll want sleek, modern furniture styles and crisp lines throughout.

Like most home styles, you want to follow a theme without compromising on comfort.

Perfect for homes with exposed wood

If you’re furnishing a home that already has a lot of exposed timber, Organic style makes perfect sense. If the timber is too overbearing, you may find ways to break it up using soft furniture, rugs, or even soft window furnishing made from natural materials. Most Organic homes benefit greatly from natural sunlight, so it’s important to consider if the home you’re styling is light enough.

Bringing together clean, crisp lines, modern furniture and plenty of natural elements, you can really take advantage of existing timber to give every space a warm and inviting feel.

Clean lines and organic contrast

Organic homes aren’t necessarily meant to look or feel like a cabin in the woods. While there’s elements of that, the main focus is creating modern style with natural elements. You can do this by using a lot of clear, crisp horizontal lines throughout the home. This gives it a decidedly modern feel, and you can contrast this with plenty of natural furniture.

Hide rugs, beautifully crafted timber furniture, woven pendant lights and beautiful wooden benchtops can add that natural element to any room. If you’re adding artwork, look for some unique timber designs that can be displayed against a sleek, modern backdrop for the perfect organic contrast. If you can keep all of the lines in your home clean, it’s easy to add those natural pieces and ensure nothing looks out of place.

Colours influenced by your home’s surroundings

Finally, colouring is important when styling an Organic home. Obviously, you’ll be dealing with a lot of timber and other natural elements. So, naturally, wood all has different colours and that’s fine. You can have different tones of wood throughout the home, however, you should try to match things carefully in each room.

The other key to colouring is to look outside the window. If the home you’re styling is in a bush setting, try to use colours that connect with the trees outside. If you live near the coast, perhaps colours that mimic the sand or pebbles at nearby beaches will work best.