Sophisticated, modern city living

If you’re looking for the perfect style for modern city housing, Urban could be exactly what you need. Our Urban themed décor is always on-trend and ready to impress even the most sophisticated city dwellers. Combining contemporary, modern and industrial influences, Urban designs are clean, sleek and some might even say edgy.

Urban design puts a more modern spin on the industrial loft styles of years gone by. Rather than being sparse, modern Urban rooms still focus on comfort. In fact, modern Urban design uses softer hues and warm tones to create a comfortable space without compromising on design. Feature walls, modern accessories and even bold statement pieces are all commonplace in Urban homes. With Solv’d you can get everything you need to impress a sophisticated city market.

Contemporary and industrial elements combined

When you’re styling a modern city home, you need to appeal to people who like everything on trend. Design needs to meet comfort, and that’s where Urban style works best. The great thing about Urban style is that it combines many elements to create spaces that are often extremely unique. As a designer, this gives you a lot of control over how you want the home to look.

Industrial elements are common, but not overbearing like a full industrial design. Rather, you’ll want to mix soft furnishings, and even natural materials to create a modern yet comfortable feel. We offer Urban furnishings in all the right colours. For a home with light walls, neutral-toned furniture with darker accents are perfect.

Urban style means bringing together your favourite elements of contemporary design, modern architecture and a nod to the glamorous industrial feel of the big city.

We take a softer approach for comfort

One of the misconceptions about Urban design is that it needs to be harsh, with bold colours and a lot of industrial elements. While those inner-city lofts you see in the movies look great with plenty of exposed timber and metal, that’s not what we’re talking about here. The Urban collection from Solv’d takes a much softer approach, allowing stylists to make more modern choices.

Modern Urban design has industrial elements, but it also focuses heavily on comfort. For example, the furniture should still have eye-catching and interesting designs. But the fabrics can be soft, and the tones very neutral and calming. One item that’s extremely popular in Urban design is rugs, preferably made from natural materials. They’re a great way to soften up a room, while still being ultra-modern and style-savvy.

Modern style that makes a statement

When you’re designing Urban apartments or houses, statement pieces are always important. It might be a feature wall, a unique window furnishing, or even a rug. But more often it’s an artistic piece of furniture or modern piece of art. Think vases, chairs with bold colouring or design or even a piece of eye-catching abstract art.

Uniquely modern tables are also popular, and also sculptures large and small. You can still maintain continuity of design throughout the home, but most rooms should have something that stands out and creates a talking point.

At Solv’d, we’ll make sure you’ve got all the on-trend statement pieces you need for home staging.